Self Portrait On That Friday

Tightly tied licorice shoelaces
Wearing black shoes
And white socked sheep
That walk the quad at whites only right angles

Velveteen vinyls reflecting Good looking
Album covers teaching us
How to live LIVE rock and roll

Hymns and hymens broken as voices crack
Equus speaks volumes
Hush hush ihashi

Squat-copped cars fed doped cookies
Dead Pere Lachaise man draws a crowd
Men who smile as I draw their image into my frame

Time frozen granny grey meatballs and red jelly
The broth of diverticulated ex-husband chicken soup
Marinated in papino, avocado and brittle peanut

Know myself/yourself – your self, my self
Rear-ended child raising
Teach -learn life lessons
Wake up
And smell the mix!

©Suzy Bernstein October 2011

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