Breathtaking/taking breath –

©Suzy Bernstein

Hats on and helmets off to Sello Pesa’s Inhabitant as part of the Dance Umbrella festival.

Breathe deeply and selectively as you filter the fumes of the city inside those safe-guarded pristine lungs that possibly have not ventured onto these streets in a while.

Take centre stage on Main Road, Johannesburg, as you and your fellow audience spill onto the street. Pull up a chair, lean against a wall, and feel safe on - in the street. Although some of us brave the city by going to venues like Arts on Main and the Bioscope, hats off and helmets on, to Pesa for alluring us to re-inhabit our spaces.

There is something so enticing about pushing so many boundaries all at one time as careening taxis headlight one into a warm summer’s Joburg night. Where passersby cannot know for certain, if you are looking at them, or if they are looking at you. Where a young boy is transported on his father’s shoulder, where waste is moved from place to space, where the sounds and fumes of Desi Auto Tyres and Mags emit, where all elements work together to create a powerful front-drop to this piece of work.

The performers costumes absorb and camouflage them into this space, as they intermittently street -strut -stride, run at moving vehicles, engage the wall, and dance some. Watching Sello lie in the street, on the tarmac, feeling the movements of the city, one experiences a new kind of Road Trip where the journey might be said to be had by just entering this space and becoming like those around us, a fellow Inhabitant.

Inhabitant – Sello Pesa
March 4 at 18h30
Goethe on Main

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