Suzy has been involved in various facets of media, and has worked as a photographer for the last 20 years.

In the late 80’s, along with a group of people she explored some of the complexities of South African society through the medium of Cinema Verite documentary. Simultaneously, she freelanced in the film industry in various capacities.

In the 90’s, Suzy was part of the Afrapix collective, both managing the library and working as a photographer, before its dissolution in 1991.

After that she worked in various capacities at the Newtown Film and Television School, which was the first institution to cater for young aspirant black film-makers who had been denied access to the industry during the apartheid era.

She then worked as a picture editor in various organizations, before taking the decision to freelance fulltime.

Suzy does commissioned editorial work for magazines, books and the arts. One of her passions is dance photography. When not working on commissions, she does personal work in the genres of social documentary, dance and portraiture.

“I am always looking for ways of capturing the diversity of cultures in our society, both through documentary work and through my involvement in the arts. I find photography to be inspirational and a continual journey with few limits. My aim in picture-taking/making is to have a mutual exchange that is beneficial to both parties".

In the last year, Suzy has held several workshops that explore visual literacy, interfacing her personal photographic journey, with skills learnt along the way.

As well as this she enjoys writing, and has had several articles published.

Of her work to date, she says, “ I feel fortunate that I am able to immerse myself in and explore so many worlds in so many different ways “.

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