Suzy has given a series of what might be termed quirky workshops. The main aim is to explore visual literacy, and hopefully participants leave with more than what they arrived with, in the same way as we do when we take/make photographs.

“ I use various tools to try and get people thinking and seeing”.

We have a lot of fun - sometimes dressing up, sometimes exploring what our Osho card says, but mostly I try and create a safe environment so the participants can explore photography creatively, and hopefully demystify it for them so that it becomes more accessible.

When participants see other people’s images and go through a mutual process in creating them, it often helps them see their own work differently, hopefully losing the inner critic, and setting their own creativity into being. I hope that these workshops serve as a prompt to allow people to begin to see all that is out there and to capture and share what is seen.

More workshops are scheduled for next year. The value of numbers will more than likely feature in the next one.

For the date…. Watch this space or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our personal growth can fuel our photography and our photography can fuel our personal growth.

-      Brooks Jensen

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